MGCP messages

Posted: February 19, 2006 by sankar in Gateways, MGCP

a. RSIP – Restart in Progress – When you reset a gateway this message is sent by gateway to CA.

b. AUEP and AUCX – Audit End point and Audit COnnection. – These messages are issued by the CA to the gateway. This is used to audit status of an endpoint and any connections associated with it.

c. CRCX, MDCX, DLCX – Create, Modify, Delete connection – Issued by CA to the gateway. CRCX is used to create a connection that terminates on the endpoint on the gateway. MDCX is used to modify parameters associated with the previously created connection. DLCX is used to delete an existing connection.

d. EPCF – End point configuration – Used by CA to send a configuration command to a gateway.

e. RQNT and NTFY – CA uses RQNT  (Request Notification) command to instruct the gateway to start monitoring for specific events such as hook actions or dtmf tones on a specified endpoint.

NTFY is used by gateway to inform the call-agent when the specified events take place.


  1. Charles says:

    Very useful one.

  2. Charles says:

    I think DLCX is used by either CA or Gateway.

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