Ringback issues

Posted: February 25, 2006 by cciestudy in Troubleshooting

1. IP Phone calls PSTN, hears no ringback

On the POTS dialpeer

> progress_ind alert enable 8

2. PSTN user calls IP Phone, hears no ringback

On the VoIP dialpeer

> progress_ind setup enable 3


> tone ringback alert-no-pi

3. IP Phone transfers calls, no ringback

Set the Service Parameter “ToSendH225UserInfoMsg”

4. IP Phone calls PSTN, does not hear busy message

> voice call convert-discpi-to-prog

5. one way audio or no way audio or no dtmf signal relay

> voice rtp send-recv

  1. Andy says:

    good notes dude…have you passed it yet?

  2. Emma says:


    Waste not, want not…

  3. soon says:

    How does we handle no ringback tone when user places a PSTN call to IP phone (through Cisco Voice Gateway’s ISDN BRI that is configured to run MGCP with CCM) ?

    In my case, only certain PSTN call (Service provider A and B) to IP phone receive no ringback tone. Service provider C and D have no this issue !!! Does this Telco issue or Voice GW/CCM issue ?

    Appreciate your advice!!. Many thanks

  4. ivan says:

    We have problem with no ring backtone when call is coming from PSTN to IP phone and this call is transfered to another PSTN phone. Phone A (PSTN) does not hear ringback tone from phone C (PSTN), when call is transfered from phone B (IP phone) to phone C (PSTN). SIP is used in VOIP part of call leg. Network elements with are used are erricsson local exchanege in PSTN, and one cisco Voice gateway (AS5300) in VOIP part.. AXE switch –> VG(AS5300)—>AXE switch

  5. Mohit says:

    we have media pack mp124 series i have h323 audio code and i m doing a call from asterisk to audio code one inbound number is terminating on this audio code but no ring back is there please what should i do i have a problem..

  6. hadi says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Connection: Tornado M5 SIP Phone — Sysmaster Uniswitch — Cisco AS5400 — terminate through POTS dialpeers on PSTN
    When i dial from the SIP phone, no ringback tone.
    Tried: 1-progress_ind alert enable 8
    2-progress_ind setup enable 3
    3-tone ringback alert-no-pi
    (voice rtp send-recv) is already configured in the Cisco box.
    I would more than appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

  7. Taylor says:

    Having trouble getting ringback on an AS5300 CIOS version 12.3(24)

    Call Flow- Cisco 79xx -> Genband M6 -> AS5300 -> Termination via PRI


    progress_ind progress enable 8 (alert is not available)
    progress_ind setup enable 3
    tone ringback alert-no-pi

    voice rtp send-recv

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I do not have any trouble going from 79xx -> Genband M6 -> Cisco 5350 -> Termination via PRI (Same carrier but different circuit as above) Comparing the outbound dial peers shows them as the same (different destination port though).

  8. Sharda says:

    Can someone tell me what should i do in case i am not getting any ringback tone and the number directly connecting.I am using Cisco 3662 router and SIP V2 for ISDN-VOIP in Outbound dialing.

  9. ss says:

    we have a problem with transferring, no ringback, but we are using a sip trunk to our non mgcp 2821 gateway.Any suggestions? Thanks

  10. manet says:

    We have a problem with delay in hearing ringback tone between 2 IP phones.

    The call between 2 IP phones within the same CUCM cluster could be established. I can hear FIRST ringback tone on calling IP phone, and than should wait for approximately 8-10 seconds for the SECOND ringback tone on calling phone. Meanwhile, called IP phone regularly rings for 4-5 times.

    I have 4-digit local extension starting with 11XX.
    All other route patterns in dial plan start with ‘0’ (for example, long-distance call 00xxx…, PSTN local calls 012XXXXXX, and so on). So, as far as I understand, there is ‘no space’ for route pattern overlapping.

    Any suggestion, direction to read for solution would be highly appeciated.

  11. Beven says:

    How do i configure a distinct ringback tone when a caller is dialing a busy dual-line DN. I need my users to differentiate between an unanswered call and a call which is on call-waiting.

  12. Marlo says:

    a distorted sound when calling from Cisco Voice Gateway to PSTN.

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