Lab 2.x – Call park issue

Posted: February 28, 2006 by sankar in Crabs, Lab 2.6

Call park range for Site 1 was overlapping with Site 3’s phone extension range (500X)

To make Call park work in this scenario, in Site1’s and Site2’s calling search spaces, you have to order Site 3 Phone’s partition above Call park partitions for Site 1 and Site 2 respectively.

Call park for Site 1 — 500X — Partition – Site1_park

Call park for Site 2 — 600X — Partition – Site2_park

Site 1’s CSS -> Site1CSS —> Site3_Phones, Site1_Park

Site 2’s CSS -> Site2CSS—-> Doesnt matter which way you order this, since Site2’s park range does not overlap with Site3’s extensions.


Rule of thumb, order partitions in such a way that if there is an overlap in directory numbers or patterns, put the more specific match (partition) in the top (in CSS).

  1. MikeS says:

    However if the Site3 phones Route Pattern listed as 5XXX, then the “call park” pattern of 500X will be closer match… So, we probably have to “split” Site3 Route Pattern to two ranges: 500X and 5[1-9][0-9]X. What everyone thinks?

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