Default bandwidth allocated by Gatekeeper

Posted: March 19, 2006 by sankar in Gatekeeper

When a call is placed at g711, gatekeeper allocates 128kbps per call.

To change this behaviour use “emulate cisco h323 bandwidth” in gateway mode in
each gateway. This will set the bw to 64 kbps for g711 and 16 for g729.

SITE3-R3#sh gatek calls
Total number of active calls = 1.
                         GATEKEEPER CALL INFO
LocalCallID                        Age(secs)   BW
10-63087                           40          16(Kbps)  ####### g729 call
 Endpt(s): Alias                 E.164Addr
   src EP:                       6464214003
           CallSignalAddr  Port  RASSignalAddr   Port
  1720 54298
 Endpt(s): Alias                 E.164Addr
   dst EP:                       4083213001
           CallSignalAddr  Port  RASSignalAddr   Port
       1720      1720


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