Disable auto registration of FXS port

Posted: March 19, 2006 by sankar in Gatekeeper

To prevent a fxs from not register with gatekeeper.

dial-peer voice 1 pots
no register e164

  1. How do I prevent a VOIP dial-peer from registering with Gatekeeper. I have an acd dial-peer that continues to launch a 128K call through Gatekeeper. Here is the dial-peer and display from my Gatekeeper.

    dial-peer voice 1511 voip
    description Pilot number for ACD Group 1
    service aa-1
    incoming called-number 1511
    dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
    codec g711ulaw
    no vad

    CallSignalAddr Port RASSignalAddr Port 49362 49362
    LocalCallID Age(secs) BW
    505-13987 2604 128(Kbps)
    Endpt(s): Alias E.164Addr
    src EP: 12872693
    Endpt(s): Alias E.164Addr
    dst EP: LMN02CME1 1511


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