Extension mobility

Posted: March 19, 2006 by sankar in Callmanager Features, Cisco General

By default EM multiple login is not allowed. Enable this in EM service parameters.

a. Create an IP Phone service for EM


Logout and Login services uses same URL.

b. create a UDP (give it same number as user's phone). Subscribe to Logout EM service.

b. create a username. Associate UDP to the user.

c. enable EM on phone. Select logout settings as current settings on phone

d. Subscribe login service on the phone

  1. Pushkar Bhatkoti says:

    Here is a tip for the guys who is looking for one button MOB ext logout button:

    In CCM add, IP telephone service


    then subscribe this service to phones.

    Pushkar Bhatkoti

  2. Pushkar Bhatkoti says:

    modification. subscribe this logout profile to User Device profile.

    always make sure:

    login profile should subscribed to physical phone
    logout profile should subscribed to user device profile.


    u walk into a meeting room, just press service button select Em login: (coz it shud be on physical). then u put your username and pass. EMprofile gets loadeld into phone and uget your extension.

    then what?

    if u want to walk away and logout yourself from meeting room phone. since you are already in your EM profile so thats why the logout profile shud be on user device profile.

    -pushkar bhatkoti

    • sohail says:

      hi pushkar,
      is it possible to customize EM userlogin.
      i have ucm 7.0.2, i have two separate Active directories 1 for corporate, 1 for customers under same forest
      To login to EM, i have to enter complete dns with userid e.g. sohail@abc.com in userid field for corporate & customer1@xyz.abc.com for any customer.

      I wanted to create two EM services with such parameters that embeds domain name automatically in userid, releasing pain from EM users.

      please reply

  3. doubkek says:

    Sa-weeeet tip, one button logout from EM added to the Device Profile. Is there a way to do a one button login to EM for a certain user? I think I just need to add parameters to the service with default values for the user I want to be able to login with one button but I can’t seem to find the actual name of the UserID and PIN parameters. Tried several variations and got either the normal login screen or an error that said user/pin is blank, even though I had put default values in each.

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