Port used by Callmanager to register with Gatekeeper

Posted: March 19, 2006 by sankar in Gatekeeper

Default port used by callmanager is random.
All h323 gateways use port 1720 to register with gatekeeper.
To force callmanager to use 1720, you have to set service parameter “Device Name of GK-controlled Trunk That Will Use Port 1720”

This service parameter should be set with the same name as given to the Trunk to the gatekeeper. (In this ex: TrunktoGK)

  1. Jon Woloshyn says:

    So what happens if you want to use 2 or more gatekeepers in a cluster? How would you enter the device name for multiple gatekeepers? I guess the same question would apply for Host Name/IP Address of GK That Will Use RAS UDP Port 1719.

  2. zsolt says:

    I think you can register CM to only one gk.

  3. Martin says:

    It’s about the CCM, not the GK.
    It defines on what port the CCM is expecing incoming signaling traffic for this trunk.
    If you have more then 1 trunk you need more then 1 TCP port to differentiate traffic. That’s why it’s only valid for 1 trunk.

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