Restricting bandwidth – Inter and Intra zone

Posted: March 19, 2006 by sankar in Gatekeeper

Restricting bandwidth between zones and with in zones

a. bandwidth interzone – specifies bw between one zone A and any other zone (You can specify zone name. Zone can be local or remote zones)
b. bandwidth remote -specifies bw to all remote zones.
c. bandwidth total – interzone + intrazone
d. bandwidth session – to specify bw per session with in a zone (intrazone)

To restrict between RACK21 and BACKBONE  to just 1 call:

bandwidth remote 16 (this applies to all remote zones defined) — -tRINET ADDED 32 (why)


To restrict bandwidth per session inside zone RACK21:

bandwidth session zone RACk21 128 

Callmanager Service Parameter – To update bandwidth automatically.

To update bandwidth automatically from callmanager for each call use service parameter – BRQ enabled – by default its false. Set it to true and restart callmanager service.

  1. Rick says:

    Why do we have to double the bandwidth.

    if a g.729 call is 8k and a g.711 call is 64, i would assume that one call would be exactly that 1x 64 or 1x 8k

    Is it for overhead or something? Is it only a one way bandwidth so you have to double it?

    G.729 call 8k, average ovearhead 16 so 24k.
    G.711 call 64k, average ovearhead 16 so 80k.

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