IPMA – using Wizard

Posted: March 21, 2006 by sankar in IPMA

** Install BAT before running IPMA wizard.

** Install IPMA service (Callmanager Serviciability) and Cisco Tomcat service from Control Panel->Services.

** Run IPMA Wizard

** It creates 3 partitions and 2 CSS.


* Associate manager user with manager phone. Configure Cisco IPMA features for Manager user (Intercom line, IPMA monitored line etc). Associate assistants with Manager. Select Mobile manager and UDP (optional)

* Associate assistant user with the manager, select Intercom line, proxy line etc.

* Set Cisco IPMA service parameters (IPMA Route point, Primary CTI manager, Primary IPMA server etc)

* On Manager phones select Cisco IPMA Manager as soft key template.

* On Assistant phones select Cisco IPMA Assistant as soft key template

* Install Assistant Console software from this URL.


* Access IPMA Manager config URL http://##cmipaddress##/ma/desktop/maLogin.jsp (Login using manager username and pwd)

  1. daSTO says:

    And what do I do in the Translation Pattern?

  2. cciestudy says:

    You configure the translation pattern with the directory number or wild card pattern to match the Managers extension (same as the Route point) and do not do any translation to the called number. This way the call will ring directly at the managers phone because the translation pattern’s CSS contain the managers partition. This is how you used to do in CCM 3.3.

    With CCM 4.1, you do not need to use translation pattern as a fallback mechnanism in case the route point gets unregistered. You can use the Call forward no coverage field in the route point configuration to acheieve the same results.

  3. lahcen says:

    Please i want to now where are sotred ipma user’s information e.g : ipma assistant’s adressbook taped in the ipma console application

  4. tenman says:

    I know there is a way to ‘rollback’ the IPMA wizard, so that you can run it again. Does anyone have a link, or a copy of the instructions for that?

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