Attendant Console – Service parameters

Posted: March 24, 2006 by sankar in Callmanager Features

Allow Routing with Unknown LineState : When this parameter is set to true the calls get routed to a line in the hunt group even if the line state is unknown.
This is a required field.
Default: false.

#### If the phone is not registered, the phones linestate is unknown. AC under default settings, do not route calls if linestate is unknown.
Directory Sync Period : Specify how often you want to do the Directory Synchronization – in hours; 0 means no Directory Synchronization will be done.
This is a required field.
Default: 3. ##### This is the frequency at which sync b/n LSAP directory and attendant console server happens. Unit: hr. Minimum: 0. Maximum: 720. ### Below two parameters are kind of contradictory.

Keep Original CalledParty If Forwarded : If this is set to true, the OriginalCalledParty will not be reset during the redirect if the call is forwarded to Pilot Point.
This is a required field.
Default: true.
Reset Original Called : If the flag is set, it will reset the originalCalledParty during redirect. It can be overwritten by Keep Original CalledParty If Forwarded if call was forwarded to the Pilot Point.
This is a required field.
Default: true
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The Original called party will be reset only in the following condition:

Keep Original CalledParty If Forwarded is False and Reset Original Called is True

  1. Hello Sir,

    I am a facing problem in IPT network

    My DID range is 6041XXX
    if any ip phone not connected to CCM 4.1 and on the same time If any person call on that number which in unpluged.
    Instead of NO answer the call automatically “call diversion” convert to any off net number such as 15 or 17 ets.


    Please tell me how i can stop “call diversion” or how can i fix thix problem.
    thanks and best regards.

  2. BruceG says:

    It sounds like a problem you can have with an H.323 gateway if you don’t set up the call routing correctly. The scenario is:

    1) The inbound call is routed to CCM, but is rejected because the number is not registered.

    2) The voice gateway looks for another destination pattern match to route the call, and it matches one of the dial peers for a POTS port.

    3) The call is routed to the PSTN, but the number is invalid. Your typically get an error recording.

    To correct this, change the destination patterns so that your internal numbers cannot match the patterns for the POTS peers. If you use a prefix like 9, and don’t strip it (so outbound calls always start with 9), then as long as you don’t have any internal numbers starting with 9 it should always work correctly.

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