Attendant Console

Posted: March 24, 2006 by sankar in Callmanager Features

Install Attendant console software from Plugins page. 

 a. Configure ac user.

Username has to be exactly “ac”.

Password has to be exactly “12345” (doesnt matter what pin you use)

b. Configure a pilot point. Select algorithm (first available or longest idle)

c. Configure Hunt group, select a pre-defined pilot point and add members to the hunt group.

d. Associate the pilot point and the phone that attendant console is controlling to “ac” user.

e. Create an attendant console user (username and password). This is used to log into attendant console software.

e. Stop and Start TCD service.

Default algorithms for Load balancing

a. First available member – If the first member is busy, it will hunt to next member.

b. Longest idle – call will be routed to that member who has been idle for longest time.

c. Circular hunt – Set the file in Cisco callmanager to implement Circular hunting.


How to set up Circular Hunt.

Go to C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallmanagerAttendant\etc\ , Open this file in notepad. Contents look like this.

 # Propery file that server uses.

#Jtapi Username

#Jtapi Password
JTAPI_PASSWORD=5e51405d76 (###This password is encrypted, can be cracked using passwordutils.exe from command line. This translates to “12345”)

#Database Access Username

#Database Access Encrypted Password

# Attribute to use for department field in case it is not one of
# the standard ones. The default for DCD & Netscape directories
# is departmentNumber. For Active directory it is ‘department’.
# However, if you integrate with a corporate directory and
# use a different attribute to store the department information
# then populate that attribute name here.

# Directory paging size to use when generating user lists.
# It default to 500 (1000 being the Active Directories
# default search result size limit).
# However, if you integrate with a corporate directory and
# it has an explicit paging size set at less than 500, then
# change the following value to something little smaller than it.


# Specify comma seperated pilot point device names for which
# circular hunting algorithm is used. This will override
# what is configured in the admin pages.
CIRCULAR_HUNTING_PILOT=ACPilot (### Give the name of the Hunt group Pilot here. This setting overrides the algorithm configured in the pilot configuration page)


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