Application Dial rules

Posted: March 26, 2006 by cciestudy in IPMA

Applies only when using the IPMA console application and using the speed dials or directory to place calls. For ex: an assistant can dial a number with out prefixing a 9, an app dial rule can be used to prefix a 9, strip a few digits (if wanted) etc.

This does not work from assistant phone.  The following are the only way you can dial

a. You have to drag and drop the number from the speed-dials or directory search window in the console application to the call window in the console.

b. Right click on the speed-dial or directory search window and click Dial option.

App dial rules can be prioritised in a list. Its just like an ACL. If a match is made, it will immediately apply the rules specified in that rule and then routing control goes over to Callmanager (Route patterns, translation patterns) from IPMA.



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