FXO Caller ID

Posted: March 28, 2006 by cciestudy in Gateways

FXO Caller ID works only with H323 and not with MGCP

  1. todd Franklin says:

    I am interested in this. We have 7 buildings connected by fiber, and have setup a cisco IP telephony solution. IN 2 buildings, we left the main phone lines as copper, and routed them into FXO ports. Now, we don’t have Caller ID anymore! My VAR told me “yup, that’s how it goes”. BS! I had a ten year old Partner 2 system that gave me caller ID…..

    Can you give me further instructions on having Caller ID through the FXO ports?

  2. Jeff Shear says:

    Caller ID on an FXO port will not work in MGCP mode. To correct the problem reconfigure your voice gateway as an h.323 gateway and it will work.

    Title Unable to receive ANI or Caller ID on T1 CAS that uses an MGCP gateway
    Core Issue Caller ID support for Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) enables the voice gateway router to send the Asynchronous Network Interface (ANI) of a caller for display.

    Resolution Caller ID is currently not supported on T1 Channel-Associated Signaling (CAS) and Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) using MGCP gateway.

    For a workaround to this issue, configure the gateway as H.323.

    For more information, refer to Cisco Voice Gateway Router Interoperability with CallManager and the Prerequisites for Configuring T1 CAS section of Implementing T1 CAS.

  3. Tracer says:

    Also you have to make sure your fxo ports support caller id. vic-2fxo does not. vic-2fxo-m1 does as do all the vic2 modules.

  4. Ali says:

    How I can configure the FXO port as H.323

  5. Ali says:

    in My CME the land line on Fiber can display Caller ID for all extensions but any land line on copper can’t . Why ?
    is there any command can I apply it ?

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