MMoh via SRST in IOS

Posted: March 28, 2006 by sankar in Media Resources


* SRST router can play MOH file as a multicast to users in the remote site. Unicast MOH is not supported. This saves valuable bandwidth required for streaming MOH over wan.

* The codec used for MOH to remote site (between MOH server's region and Site2) should be g711.

* Only a single MOH source should be used across all phones for this feature to work. (User and Network hold should be same)

* Prevent MOH from reaching branch sites or even crossing wan. Set MMOH hop count to 1 in callmanager.

* Enter a base multicast address (say, 16384) in Callmanager. This will be used for g711ulaw. will be used for g711alaw, for g729 and for wideband (as long all these codecs are checked in service parameter and increment by ip address is selected)

MOH - Multicast on SRST

Configuration on SRST router

* ccm-manager music-on-hold —- enable multicast moh on ios router

*interface loopback 0, ip address ## ##  — Configure this so that Pots users will hear multicast moh.

* Configure SRST in the router

    – call-manager-fallback

    – ip source-address ##fastE ip address## port 2000

    – max-ephones , max-dn

    –  moh ##filename## (specifies the moh file – .au or .wav, 8khz, mono)

    – multicast moh port 16384 route ##ipaddress-list##  (if route option is not used, it will use ipaddress used in "ip source-address" command.

    for ex: multicast moh port 16384 route ##fastEipaddress## ##loopbackipaddress##

  1. Adam says:

    Make sure you make changes you do the NO command then reapply your new setting under the Fallback configuration.

    This makes a huge difference. Spent 3 hrs trblshooting MoH and it came down to that.

    Thx for the info!

  2. Adam says:

    Sry – make sure “that when you make changes”.

    Wow this post is old…but useful…:)

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