Unity – Call routing

Posted: April 4, 2006 by cciestudy in Cisco General, Unity

Forwarding number – is the number of the first line that forward the call.


2000 CFA to 2001

2001 CFA to 2002

2002 CFA to 2003

User dials 2000, call gets to 2003

Dialed number is 2000

Forwarding number is 2000

On a forwarded call, by default Unity will Attempt forward to Greeting of the Subscriber or Callhandler which matches the Forwarding number of the call.

If you want to send the call to Attempt transfer to the Subscriber or Callhandler, you would need to create a Routing Rule to Attempt transfer and also make sure that the extension for that Subscriber or Callhandler does not match the forwarding number. You can leave it blank. 


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