Unity – Notification options

Posted: April 9, 2006 by sankar in Unity

Unity can send message notifications to

a. Home phone, Cell phone, Work phone or any other phone.

b. Voice activated pagers (those which can receive voice calls)

c. Text pagers (Email, can include a short message)

d. SMS – SMPP provider definition is required.

e. Text for VMI (Cisco Unity Inbox users, cannot include a short message like in Text pagers)

Things to remember

** Remember to Enable the status of the notification device.

** Extra digits are required only for pager devices or in cases where you need a CMC or FAC to dial out.

** Try to detect connection is checked by default. Unity tries to detect connection, before dialing extra digits. This is usually required only for pagers.

 ** Uncheck the "Only if urgent" check box if you want to send notifications for messages marked as Normal and Urgent priority.

** Remember to specify the schedule during which notification needs to happen. Notification is disabled outside of active hours selected.

Notification options

a. Restart Notification each time a new message arrives

This option is effective each time a new message arrives in the inbox. The initial notification happens based on the setting "Send initial notification after how many minutes ? <value>".

If a notification is sent and the user answers the phone but doesnt check his voicemail, Unity considers the notification process as a success and does not notify the user again of his voicemail, until another message arrives.

b. Repeat notification if there are still new messages after this many minutes. <value>

Unity will attempt to notify the user of his new messages every <value> minutes. The initial notification is sent based on the setting "send initial notification after how many minutes?"

Device does not answer and Device is busy settings apply only when Restart notification option is selected. It does not work with Repeat notification option.

If notification fails, an alternate notification can be sent to another device (Phone, pager, sms etc)

Any time you change the notification option setting, the internal timer, counter that Unity uses for notification is reset and notification process starts all over again. Beware of this while you test. You may use Port Status monitor to see port activity for notification.



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