CDR – How to recreate the CDR Database?

Posted: April 10, 2006 by cciestudy in Callmanager Features

1. Go to Enterprise Manager, Tools, SQL Server Query Analyzer (make sure you are running Query Analyzer from the right database server).

2. Open file, load from C:\Program Files\Cisco\Bin\CDR.sql and hit play button.
This should create CDR database.

3. Go to SQL Enterprise Manager, highlight CDR – Users, right click and select New Database User.

4. On Login name pulldown menu, select CiscoCCMCDR (only if CiscoCCMCDR not already there) and make sure public and db_owner box is check.

5. Restart Callmanager server.

6. Make sure CDREnabled is checked.

Start –> Programs –> Cisco CallManager –> Service –> Service parameters
–> Choose your callmanager –> under "service" select "Cisco CallManager" –> at
the displayed page, scroll down to "System" –> CDR Enabled Flag –> set this
parameter to "True" –> click on "update".

7. Please make sure that the "Cisco CDR Insert" service is running in Publisher, check CAR service also.

8 . Make sure that Cisco Database Layer Monitor service is running in all Callmanager. If
it's running, re-start the Cisco Database Layer Monitor service and see if you get replication between the Pub/Sub.

Start –> Programs –> Administrative tools –> Services –> scroll down to
"Cisco Database Layer Monitor" –> select this Service –> stop this service using the buttons at the top of this page –> click on the button "start service.


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