Attendant Console – Call queuing

Posted: April 11, 2006 by cciestudy in Callmanager Features

You enable queuing for a pilot point by choosing the pilot point in the Attendant Console Configuration Tool and checking the Enable Queuing check box.

You must also enter a value in the Queue Size field and the Hold Time (in Seconds) field. The queue size specifies the number of calls that are allowed in the queue. If the queue is full, Cisco TCD routes calls to the "always route" hunt group member that is specified on the Hunt Group Configuration window. If you do not specify an always route member, Cisco TCD drops the call when the queue size limit is reached. The hold time specifies the maximum time (in seconds) that Cisco TCD keeps a call in the queue. If the call is in the queue for longer than the "HoldTime," the call gets redirected to "AlwaysRoute" member. If the "AlwaysRoute" member is not configured, no action occurs.

  1. jenifer says:

    Call queuing on 0800 numbers and 0871 number range offer unparallel benefits to any organizations. The top 5 proved reasons to implement it for your business as below,

    1)With call queuing your caller will never hear a busy tone requiring him to call back the number. It may take some time for the system to find a free destination but it will not let go customers. The number of missed calls can be drastically brought down.
    2)Call queuing enables to gauge the sufficiency of destination numbers. When call queues are long, that means you need to add more hunt groups to contain excess inbound calls or otherwise as may be the case.
    3)It facilitates determining the maximum number of call in a queue and number of rings allowed before the call can be routed to another hunt group. You can also preset the time limit for call hold. All these features minimize the time taken to receive calls and thus maximize call attendance.
    4)While calls are on hold, custom announcements can be played for advertising new products or general information on products or service.
    5)If a customer is not willing to hold the call on queue, they have the option of quitting it by dropping in a voicemail.

  2. Arman says:

    When you started off with you new business you might not have encountered many customer calls but as and when you grow you need to inculcate new features to still manage your calls efficiently. That is when you will grow further. After a couple of months of starting business do you now find it impossible to attend all inbound calls because your number is always busy. Your call statistics surprised you because your inbound call number has doubled and your profits are unchanged. Well then its high time for you to incorporate call queuing and voicemail to absorb overflowing calls.
    Call queuing lets you hold on customers while you are busy on a call. The moment you hang up the inbound call will buzz you. You can restrict missed call to some extent by way of call queuing but in the long run; you would need to employee people to answer calls. Employ voice mail feature for callers who do not wish to wait longer in the queue, request them to leave their contact details and call them back.
    Both these features on 0800 numbers or 0871 number or any other number for that matter can help a small business grow into a giant by enabling them to attend all inbound calls. These are more cost effective than employing new people on board.

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