Ephone Hunt groups

Posted: April 13, 2006 by sankar in Callmanager Express

Sequential — Always begin at top of list and drill down the list. Each member is tried in turn and if they are busy or DNA, the call is released and next member is tried. A final destination number can be specified.

Peer mode – First member is randomly selected. Next call goes to the right hand side member of this list and so on. The number of members through which CME will hunt can be limited by "Hops X" command. After X number of members, CME will send the call to final destination number

Longest Idle – Call is routed to the member that has been idle for a longer period. Hops command may be used in this case again to limit the number of members through which CME will hunt and then the call will be sent to the final destination number

ephone-hunt 1 <sequential|peer|longest-idle>

pilot <number>

list <number1>, <number 2> ……

final <number>

hops <X>

timeout <Y>  (This timeout should be < NOAN timeout on each individual phone)

** For dual-line phones, if they are a member of a hunt group, disable hunting on the channel. "Huntstop channel".

** If Cfwd all is set on any of the phones that is a member of a hunt group, that has no effect. Because the hunt group creates a virtual dial peer with a dummy extension.

Ex: extension 1001 would show up as A5001A001

  1. Mike E says:

    What’s the “magic button” to allow a hunt group to pass into a voicemail on another extension? I have a hunt group with pilot 201, going to a final destination 202. I get a greeting from the general mailbox handler saying that mailbox 201 is unavailable.

  2. Mark Turpin says:

    You can send the call to voicemail by setting up a transfer to voicemail pattern. You will need to create an ephone-dn like:

    voice translation-rule 1
    rule 1 /^8\(2…\)/ /\1/
    voice translation-profile TxfrToVM
    translate redirect-called 1
    dial-peer voice 10 voip
    description VM Pilot
    destination-pattern 3000
    translation-profile outgoing TxfrToVM
    ephone-dn 1
    number 8….
    call-forward all 3000 (voicemail pilot)
    ephone-hunt 1
    number ..
    list …
    final 8

  3. Mark Turpin says:

    That should say final 8(extension you want to send it to)

    HTML formatting didn’t like the less than & greater than signs.

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  5. Dan says:

    I’m using the HLog button to login & logout of the Hunt Group, but how can I use the HLog button for a 2nd or 3rd line on my phone?

  6. Clement Onyeiwu says:

    What happen when someone in the hunt group goes on vacation or is out of the office. The call will still hunt to that extension wouldn’t it. What is the work around for this?

  7. Ali says:

    hello, can u plz help me in 1 issue i am getting, that is i have configured the ephone-hunt group like this:

    ephone-hunt 1 sequential
    pilot 02086681120 secondary 199
    list 175, 185
    final 500
    timeout 15, 15

    but when i making the call from any internal extension i am going to the GDM voice mail box via the final number which is for GDM, but if i am making call from any outside number i am just getting the busy tone after the bell rings on 185 extension and i am not going through to the GDM voice mail box, here is the dial-peer config:

    dial-peer voice 1 voip
    destination-pattern 4..
    session protocol sipv2
    session target ipv4:
    incoming called-number .T
    dtmf-relay sip-notify
    codec g711ulaw
    no vad

  8. jaspis says:

    To Onyeiwu:

    Try this:

    ephone-template 1
    softkey idle NewCall HLod
    ephone 1
    ephone-template 1
    hunt-group HLog

    On this way you will provide ability for user login/logout to/from Hunt group for specific user (agent).
    In addition, on CME you have ability to generate text message on agents phone display in case of all agents are logged out. You need the following command:

    ephone-hunt 1 long
    display-logout Warnning. All agent are logged out !!!!

  9. Dima says:

    Can the final number be voicemail? For example I can normally prefix 6 in front of an extension to transfer them straight to their voicemail so it would be 61000. Would that work on this?

    voice hunt-group 3 parallel
    final 61000
    list 1000,1009,1010,1013,1014,1016,1024,1025,1018
    timeout 60
    pilot 1303

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