CME – Unity Integration using Call forward

Posted: April 24, 2006 by cciestudy in Callmanager Express

—— Define ephone-dns to match Unity Ports——— 

ephone-dn 10

  number 3700

  name VM Port1

  call-forward noan 3701 timeout 10

  call-forward busy 3701

ephone-dn 11

  number 3701

  name VM Port2

  call-forward noan 3700 timeout 10

  call-forward busy 3700

———-Define MWI On / Off number ————

ephone-dn 12

  number 3799 secondary 3798

  mwi on-off

——- Define Unity MWI port——–

ephone-dn 13

  number A01

  name MWI

—configure ephones for Unity skinny ports to register——-

ephone 5

  vm-device-id CME-VI1

  button 1:10

ephone 6

  vm-device-id CME-VI2

  button 1:11

ephone 7

  vm-device-id CME-VI3

  button 1:13

–define voicemail pilot— 


voice-mail 3700

—configure phones to forward to voicemail for busy and noan—-

ephone-dn 1 — actual phone

number 4003

call-forward busy 3700

call-forward noan 3700 timeout 15

  1. David Meredith says:

    I am using CME 4.1 with Unity Voice Mail system. I have the VM trunks set up and working. If Phone A has CF no answer assigned to go to VM. Phone B is another ext. in the CME system. Phone B calls Phone A after 10 seconds Phone B hears the greeting for Phone A which is correct.

    But If the same setup for phone A is in place and a call comes in from the PSTN for Phone A the PSTN caller recies the basic Unity Voice mail greeting not the Greeting from Phone A voice mail.

    Is there anyting that I can do to make this work?

    Thanks David Meredith

  2. Senthil Natarajan says:

    reason is that because of the dial-plan command in the CME box.

    there are couple of approach to fix this

    1. Use translation-profile (and rules ) to convert the E164 (10 digits) to 4 digits before forwarding it to the unity


    2. Apply the E164 number in the alternate extenstion page of the unity subscriber.


  3. moe says:

    hello ,

    i have problem with cisco CME 7.1 forwarding calls to CUE 8.6 problem is

    when calls from local extension A to extension B call forward noan setting under ephone-dn to voice mail number works fine

    when call is initiated from outside through SIP-trunk calls do not forward to voice mail ?

  4. jaspis says:

    Try this:

    voice service voip
    allow-c sip to sip

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