CME – CUE – MWI setting

Posted: April 27, 2006 by cciestudy in Callmanager Express, Cisco General, Cisco Unity Express

For CUE you need to define mwi on and off as two different ephone-dn's. You cannot enable the mwi on-off using the same ephone-dn like you do with Unity.

Set up the mwi number following by dots equal to the extension length

ephone-dn 10

number 1599….

mwi on

ephone-dn 11

number 1598….

mwi off

The default ccn application for mwi uses the extensions 8000 for ON and 8001 for OFF. You can change this from CLI

ccn application ciscomwiapplication
description "ciscomwiapplication"
maxsessions 4
script "setmwi.aef"
parameter "strMWI_OFF_DN" "1598"
parameter "strMWI_ON_DN" "1599"
parameter "CallControlGroupID" "0"
end application

1. When the extension appears on line 1, red lamp MWI and envelope is used.

2. When the extension appears on any line other than line 1, only envelope is used.

  1. JB says:

    One of the things that I found with cue is add the no-reg command to the number to not register the E.164. Also when troubleshooting a huntstop will stop the ephone from searching the dial-peers.

    ephone-dn 10

    number 1599…no-reg.

    mwi on

    ephone-dn 11

    number 1598…no-reg.

  2. Kasee says:

    The MWI lights on the receptionists side care continually “lock-up” or stay light. Thus far the only solution we have found is to reset the system. Anyone have any solutions?

  3. Ryan says:

    have you tried dialing the mwi off extension i.e. in the example above dialing 1598 from the phone should turn the light off.

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