Caller ID / Caller Name display

Posted: April 29, 2006 by sankar in Route Plan

This was tested over an ICT.

Caller ID screening only screens the number, not name.

If name is configured on the phone (Display – Internal Caller ID) and caller ID is screened, the destination will see the caller id as “Display Name – Unknown number”

If name is not configured on the phone and caller ID is screened, the destination will see the caller id as “Private”

  1. Anthony says:

    Call detail record or CDR is inbound call statistics. They are key to most important decisions taken for any call center. CDR is used from gauging staff performance to deciding the size of call center to adding new offices, all based on the readings of call statistics.

    Call detail records are in the form of statistical data that needs to be analyzed regularly to determine efficiency. Every company or call center needs to analyze the data based on its requirements and they can be different from call center to call center. While some concentrate on the number of calls achieved to the number of missed calls, many would concentrate on the average time taken for completing the call. Calls per hour per operator can be determined to check performance. While a low number of inbound calls would indicate underutilization of staff and thereby the company as a whole, very high number of calls attended per hour would suggest poor performance as well.

    Hence CDR can be an important tool in setting up standards for employees as well as call center as a whole. CRD being an important tool of hosted telephony system is available on all 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers and all other non geographic telephone numbers.

  2. Don Hasw says:

    SMS and GSM secret informations at

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