CUE – Live record

Posted: April 29, 2006 by cciestudy in Cisco Unity Express

To do a live record, conference the call with Unity Express.

1. Hit Conf key

2. Dial your own extension so that the call will be forwarded to your own mailbox or Dial the extension of a general mailbox.

3. Hit Conf key again

  1. Fabian says:

    Does’nt work for me.
    When I enter in conference with unity it ask me for pin and so on…

  2. Julien says:

    you need a dummy ephone-dn number pointing to your voicemail pilot number.

    Live-record pilot number 9004
    Voicemail pilot number 9000

    configuration on cme should be as follow:
    ephone-dn “tag”
    number 9004
    call-forward all 9000

    then you must conference with 9004.

    Hope this help

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