Distribution lists in CUE

Posted: April 29, 2006 by sankar in Cisco Unity Express

DLists can be of two types.

a. Public Distro List

b. Private Distro List

A member of a PDL can be another PDL, GDM or a regular mailbox.

To send a message to a PDL, you have to signin and select option 2. You cannot send it through an AA script.

A public list is created by the admin for systemwide use. There is a default Public list called Everyone that is generated by CUE system. This list is automatically populated every time a new user is added. You cannot edit or delete the Everyone public list. You can define up to 15 public distro. lists. You can define a total of 1000 distribution list entries per CUE system. Each PDL can be assigned an extension, so that people may send a message to the PDL by dialing the number.

A private list can be administered only by the subscriber himself. YOu can create up to 5 private lists. Each private list can be assigned a single digit extension (1 through 5).  You may use this number to send a message to the private list. If a user is deleted from the system his private lists are also deleted. You can have up to 50 private distribution list entries  per user.

  1. Quite informative, thanks. Can I have multiple owners for public dist. list? I am trying to add another user as owner, it comes up with an error, “Invalid owner id. No such user or groupon this system”

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