CUE – Networking

Posted: May 1, 2006 by cciestudy in Cisco Unity Express

1. To send a message to a remote user, you need to enter the remote location ID followed by the extension of the remote user. (Blind addressing)

If the location ID is 200 and the user is at extension 1000, then you need to enter 2001000

2. Abbreviation defined for a location is used when playing back a message (as part of the envelope). It cannot be used to address messages.

3. Broadcast message can be send between locations. The MWI for broadcast message depends on the settings at the remote location CME.

4. When Spoken Name Caching is enabled, the system will cache the spoken name of the remote user when it receives a message from the remote user and will use it for future directory searches.

5. You can record spoken names for remote locations.


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