Changing the Directory Manager password

Posted: May 16, 2006 by cciestudy in Directory Integration

1. Identify the correct directory administrator password. Let it be
2. Open command prompt. Run PasswordUtils <password>. This will generate
encrypted password. Let it be <ENCpassword>

3. Set the value of DCDMGRPW and
MGRPW in registry, "under HKML\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory
Configuration", to <ENCpassword>.
4. Open C:\dcdsrvr\directoryconfiguration.ini. Set the value of passwd to

5. Open command prompt. go to C:\

6. Run the command
UMEncryptText <password>. This will generate out.txt in the same folder from
which it was run, i.e C:\

7. Open out.txt and copy the contents after
"Text=". This long hex value is the encrypted password. Let it be
8. Open C:\dcdsrvr\config\UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini using "notepad"
(Please do not use any other text editor).
9. Set the value of CiscoLdapPwd and UserLdappwd to <LongEncpassword>.
10. Save the file and exit.
11. Restart IISAdmin service and try accessing the CCMAdmin user pages.

Do it on the PUB first and then all the subscribers

  1. Dinnu says:

    I believe you can change the “directory manager” password using the “ccmpwdchanger” utility instead.

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