CM 4.1 ports (important) — all ports are destination ports unless specified

Posted: May 24, 2006 by sankar in Cisco General, QOS

Intracluster ports:

SQL TCP 1433, 3372
ICCS – TCP 8002, 8003

Windows common ports:

DHCP (if running) – UDP 67,68

Signalling ports:

skinny TCP 2000, (from phone to CCM)
secure skinny TCP 2443 (from phone to ccm)
tftp -udp 69 and ephemeral ports
capf – tcp 3804 (phone to capf/ccm)
RTP – udp 16384 – 32768 (CM uses only 24576 – 32767)
VTAdvantage (TCP 4224) – PC to the phone

Callmanager to gateway

tcp port 11000 – 11999
tcp port 1024 – 4999
tcp port 1720 bothways (h225)

tcp port 2000 (skinny gateway to ccm)
udp 2427/ tcp 2428 (mgcp gateway control/backhaul)
tcp and udp port 5060 (SIP gtway and ICT)
udp port 16384-32767 – RTP between the gtwy and cm

Callmanager to gatekeeper

tcp port 1718 (ccm to gk)
udp port 1719 (gk to ccm)
Callmanager to gateway (for encryption)

ESP – 50 (ESP protocol itself)
IKE – 500 UDP

Callmanager to Secure SRST router  

SRST Certificate Provider Port: 2445 

  1. biju sunny says:

    thank you for providing the information.

  2. Rolande says:

    Is it possible to limit the range of ports that a sip-ua can assign/allocate for its RTP audio streams? Been looking through a lot of SIP and Telephony documentation on to no avail. Instead of just using the default UDP 16384 – 32767 I’d like to limit the allowed RTP ports to a smaller range of about 1000 ports. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Juli says:

      Hello, I am wondering if you received an answer to your question? I am also trying to limit te port range used by RTP. Thanks!

  3. We are currently budgeting for Cisco WAAS for our WAN

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