LBRCodec and Connect Mode (Skinny)

Posted: May 25, 2006 by sankar in Analog, ATA186

LBRCodec can take 2 values 0 or 3.

ATA can support following codec. g723, g729, g729a, g711(a/u).

Both ports can support g723 at same time

Both ports can support g711 at same time

Only one port can support g729 at any time.

Port 2 doesnt have support for g729a. Port 1 has.

When LBRCodec = 0,

port 1 and 2 can use g711ulaw, g711alawor g723.1

When LBRCodec =3 and Connect mode  bit 21 = 0 (affects only g729)

Port 1 can use g711ulaw, g711alaw, g729a or g729

When LBRCodec=3 and Connect mode bit 21 = 1 (affects only g729)

Port 2 can use g711ulaw, g711alaw, g729


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