IP phone agent service

Posted: June 4, 2006 by cciestudy in IPCC Express

Univercd > Customer Contact Software > IPCC Express and IP IVR > CRS 4.0(x) > English > Documentation for Cisco IP Agents > Cisco CAD Installation Guide 6.1

  1. I have a user I trying to add to add to my sales group for ACD, but they are not showing up as a resource in IPCC Express. Everything else seems to be setup like all the other sales users.

  2. Fred says:


    Great, but in the Install Guide, I can’t see any infos about the Service Parameter Information.
    I would like to add the extension in a Parameters, I try “Extension”, “Device”,.. but I don’t find the good Parameter Name … Can you help me ?

  3. odib says:

    In the Service URL field, enter http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:yyyy/ipphone/jsp/sciphonexml/IPAgentLogin.jsp, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of your Cisco Agent Desktop server and yyyy is 6293 for UCC Express and 8088 for UCC Enterprise..

    Parameters: Ext, ID, Pwd

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