Posted: June 6, 2006 by cciestudy in ToD

1. Create Time Period – Define timeframes based on Start/End time, Day of week, Year. Time periods does not span multiple days. If you need to define a time period that spans overnight, then you would need to define two time periods.

2. Create Time Schedule – Select the required time periods. 

3. Define Time Schedule in Partitions. Select the time zone, either of the Originating device or a specific time zone

The partition will be active only during the defined time schedules.

  1. p0lar says:

    ToD routing can also be accomplished in IPIPGW by using small TCL scripts and the built-in IOS ‘kron’ functionality to control dial-peers. This would be more efficiently served passing the dial-peer into the TCL script itself, as well as ‘shut’ / ‘no shut’ depending. Someone might also prefer to just set permissions instead of turning DPs on/off, but you get the idea.

    kron occurrence OFFICE_EXT_ON at 6:30 recurring
    policy-list OFFICE_EXT_ON
    kron occurrence OFFICE_EXT_OFF at 14:30 recurring
    policy-list OFFICE_EXT_OFF
    kron policy-list OFFICE_EXT_ON
    cli tclsh OFFICE_EXT_ON.tcl
    kron policy-list OFFICE_EXT_OFF
    cli tclsh OFFICE_EXT_OFF.tcl

    ios_config “dial-peer voice 2150 voip” “shut”

    ios_config “dial-peer voice 2150 voip” “no shut”

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