CME Web GUI requirements

Posted: June 9, 2006 by sankar in Callmanager Express

To access the GUI and allo the admin to add remove DNs from web interface:

ip http server

ip http path flash:


web admin system name admin password cisco



  1. tony usoro says:

    i am a voice communications engr with an IT compsny that is a cisco partner (ict solutions ltd, lagos, nigeria).
    i have recently installed a cisco call manager express for a company and i did the gui configuration just as stated above, but the gui doesnt come up. it presents a dialog box but when you type in the username and password the screen becomes blank.

    i have checked the files in the flash and the gui files are there. even the gui for cisco unity express comes up when u type in its ip address in the url box but that of ccme doesnt. what do i do.

  2. marc says:

    You need to point the web browser to the correct url. If you do a dir, you’ll see html files. Point the browser to ccme.html

  3. Islam says:

    @ tony http://Ip address/ccme.html will solve your problem if u didnt type .html it will make the problem you mentioned

  4. SASAS says:

    and if i don’t have any *.html files @ flash i try to look in many CME.tar files but i did’t find ny web page how can i find it ???

  5. Ahmad says:

    i have same issue i cannot access CME from GUI i did show flash and i saw the link i put it in web browser as http://x.x.x.x/ccme.html it is ask me for username and password then show me blank page, please help.

  6. Ahmad says:

    when i open http://x.x.x.x/ccme.html it is ask me for the username and password which i put them in telephony services but after i put then it is appeared like blank page.

  7. Michael monwuba says:

    Have you done

    show flash | i cme-gui-124-24T.tar or show flash | i gui ?

    If you’ve done last one, then you’ve installed gui for CME wrongly.

    1. First you need to extract files to flash from TFTP:

    archive tar /xtract tftp:///cme-gui-124-24T.tar flash:

    2. Then enable http server

    ip http server

    ip http authentication local

    ip http path flash:/gui


    web admin system name password

    then do show flash | i gui anf there should be file named telephony_service.html (or similar) – open it in browser.

  8. frankinstine says:

    try re-installing the .tar file using archive tar /xtract tftp://ip address/cme-gui-124-24T.tar flash:
    and change path to flash

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