How to block calls based on ANi

Posted: June 10, 2006 by sankar in Gateways, IOS Gateways

On a voice gateway create a translation rule as follows.

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 reject /^$/

voice translation-profile CallBlock

translate incoming 1

dial-peer voice 1 pots

call-block translation-profile incoming CallBlock

Debug voice translation

Mar  1 09:09:40.338: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/RXRULE/regxrule_get_profile_from_trunkgro
up_internal: Voice port 0x83564514 does not belong to any trunk group
Mar  1 09:09:40.342: //-1/519C1A918116/RXRULE/regxrule_match: Matched a call blo
ck rule; number= rule precedence=1

Mar  1 09:09:40.346: //-1/519C1A918116/RXRULE/regxrule_profile_block_internal: M
atched with rule 1 in ruleset 1
Mar  1 09:09:42.574: //-1/519C1A918116/RXRULE/regxrule_stack_pop_RegXruleNumInfo
: stack=0x8356487C; count=0

  1. dan says:


    I am trying to block anonymous calls on a single extension on a Broadsoft M6 soft switch.
    Calls are coming from a 3845 IP2IP gateway.

    I have this:

    Remote-Party-ID: ;party=calling;screen=no;privacy=off

    How can I make the IP2IP gateway set privacy=on/privacy=yes ? Broadsoft M6 won’t block calls unless they come with this flag set to on. I don’t want to block them system wide, just on some extensions.

    As per Cisco’s website this only works on sip-to-pstn or pstn-to-sip environments.

    Any ideea?

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