Connected party Name/Number presentation

Posted: June 14, 2006 by sankar in Route Patterns

When caller A calls caller B, caller B sees caller ID as caller A's name and number. This can be controlled using the Calling number/name presentation parameter in translation pattern or route pattern. At the gateway level, you can control the Calling party number  but not the Calling party name.

When caller A calls caller B, once the call gets connected, caller A may see caller B's number /name on his phone. This is called Connected party presentation. This can be restricted at the translation pattern, route pattern level. For outbound dialing, connected party presentation works only on internal calls and QSIG trunks.

For Internal calls, you need to use a translation pattern. When A calls B and B is forwarded to C, A will see C's name and number on his phone. This can be restricted by setting a translation pattern for B, so that when A calls B, it matches the translation pattern first. On the translation pattern, you can set the connected party name and number setting to restricted.

Connected Line ID and Connected Name Presentation for incoming calls apply only for QSIG gateways. The gateway has no settings for Name Presentation.


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