MOH settings for Multicast

Posted: June 17, 2006 by sankar in Media Resources

a. Enable Multicast on audio source (Play cont. also)

b. Enable Multicast on MOH audio server, Increment by ip address rather than port, set hops to greater than number of hops required to reach the phone.

c. Enable Multicast on MRG group.

d. To receive g729 MOH, set service parameter in IP Voice media service and add g729 annex A setting

e. Enable these commands on the following equipment

  i. Wan routers :

           ip multicast-routing

           int fa0/0.2

           ip pim sparse-dense-mode

    ii. 6500 switch – enable igmp (main site)

             set igmp enable

    iii. 3550 switch (remote site)

             ip igmp snooping vlan <voicevlan>

  1. stewart says:

    how would you verify that multicasting is active and working when the above configuration is in place?

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