Posted: June 21, 2006 by cciestudy in CM4.1 Features


1. Line Group > RNA Reversion timeout – this determines the number of seconds to ring at each line in the line group.

2. Hunt Pilot > Maximum Hunt Timer – this determines the total number of seconds a call will be tried within the hunt group before using the Forward Hunt No Answer setting.

Forward settings

1. Forward Hunt No Answer: Is used if a call that was presented to the hunt group was not answered by any member in the group or it reached the specified Maximum Hunt Timer.

2. Forward Hunt Busy: This is used when all members in the line group are busy.

Use Personal Preference: This flag uses the Call Forward No Coverage setting of the original dialed number. This is not used if the hunt pilot number was called directly. Usually used when you have a CTI RP or CTI port that is forwarded to the hunt pilot number.

  1. Carlo S. says:

    i have a cm 4.1 with some hunt group configured, the problem is when all the extensions in the hunt group are busy the call is diverted to moh but when one of the extension is free the extension don’t ring and the caller is still in hold, until the call is dropped by the moh system.
    Can be a problem of the moh system or a problem of the cm4? There is a workaround for this kind of problem?
    Thanks and best regards,
    Carlo S.

  2. Wass says:

    Regarding Forward Hunt Busy, is triggered when all members of the line group are busy or is it for all members of all line groups of the hunt list?

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