How to enable blind transfer in IP Phones connected to Callmanager?

Posted: June 24, 2006 by cciestudy in CCM Service Parameters, CM4.1 Features

By default, blind transfer is not enabled for IP Phones. When you try to transfer a call, it would place the first line on hold and grab the second line and perform a consult transfer. To enable blind transfer, change the service parameter

Transfer On-hook Enabled to True.

This will allow users to hit the transfer softkey and dial the number and either go on-hook or hit the transfer softkey again to complete the call.

  1. Scott Leonard says:

    Setting “Transfer On-hook Enabled” to true does not enable blind transfers. It simply adds a second method (on-hook) to complete the transfer. The resulting transfer is still a consultive transfer whether you complete it by pressing the transfer soft-key a 2nd time or by going on-hook.

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