Barge, CBarge and Privacy

Posted: June 27, 2006 by sankar in CM4.1 Features

Barge, CBarge and Privacy works only on shared lines.

Barge – Extension 2000 is shared across two phones A and B. B Calls C (2001) and is in connected state. Phone A will see the status of the line as “Remote in Use” and can use the Barge softkey to barge into B’s call. B and C hears a short beep and A,B,C are now in a conference. Barge uses the built-in bridge in the target (barged) device. (phone B in this case). There are two places where you can enable Barge and Privacy.

a. Under each phone configuration page, you can enable Built-in-Bridge (Barge) and Privacy. Default value is “Default” which means use Service parameter values.

b. Under Callmanager service parameter you can set Built-in-Bridge and Privacy. Default “Built-in-Bridge Enable” is set to Off and
“Privacy” is set to True.

To enable Barge softkey, you need to set one of the above settings (either under phone or service parameter). Built-in-Bridge should be set to On and Privacy should be set to Off for Barge to work.

Privacy turns off Barge capability on shared lines. This is default setting. Privacy also removes the call information from showing up on other shared lines.

When the Barge key is pressed two set of text show up on the Barger and Barged device. “To 2001” and “To Barge”

CBarge works a little different from Barge. CBarge uses an actual Conference bridge specified in the device pool (MRGL, MRG etc), instead os using Built in Bridge. Once the CBarge key is pressed, the phone (Barger and Barged device) show as “To Conference”.

If Phone A and B are two in diff locations, and when A barges into B’s call, location bandwidth is deducted from A and B’s locations.

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