Lab 2

Posted: July 6, 2006 by cciestudy in Cats, Lab sessions
  1. How to configure ATA for voice VLAN?
  2. Set speed and duplex for all ports
  3. Do we need to configure spanning tree port fast or not for ip phone ports on NM-16ESW? Yes, configure spanning tree for NM-16
  4. To force IP Phones to renew DHCP, disable and enable inline power
  5. Overlooked the fact the BR2 is CME and configured dhcp option 150 to CCM
  6. Always configure publisher as the auto registration server. Did not work for Subscriber
  7. MSFC retains the access list applied to interface vlan even after the vlan interface was removed
  8. Did not consider voice mail ports for max ephone and dn when doing the CME setup
  9. Forgot to set the Callforward settings on phone, during initial setup
  10. did not notice crs admin user name, created the usual user rather than what was in the question
  11. no need to install crs editor, it is already installed
  12. ICD extensions and shared lines??
  13. configured the wrong agent user
  14. forgot about ip phone agent telecaster user
  15. CRS answers calls, calls agent, but does not patch call – Issues with jtapi client, had to update it using the jtapi client update tool
  16. Idea – for easy editing of phone line settings create a dummy phone and add all line to that phone. You need to select only one phone and toggle between lines
  17. Forgot to add EM Service before creating EM Profile, had to come back and do it.
  18. When copying the EM service link from univercd, copy the example link since it has the entire link in one line
  19. Configured AC user with password as cisco
  20. Did not associate the attendant phone to ac user
  21. Forgot to check call park retrieval for ac user
  22. Change DNS to IP in update plugins
  23. attendant console, calls to pilot number should be transferred to voicemail on no-answer. I configured the last member as voicemail pilot. This is wrong. You need to configure the call forward no answer on the hunt group members to voicemail and create a subscriber in unity with the extension of hunt pilot. Set the TCD Service parameter, Reset original called number on redirect to False
  24. clearing a vlan doesnt remove the actual config from the port in 6500
  25. set ata port also to trunking (vlan, auxiliary vlan).
  26. didnt put spanning-tree portfast on all switchports (nm16esw and 3550sw)
  27. lease 0 8 — means 8 hours, lease 8 means 8 days.
  28. dont use auto registration – time waste
  29. wasted 1.30 hours registering phones
  30. configured wrong helper address at hq
  31. unity message recording – set this in subscriber template (under each subscriber also) and under default subscriber COS.
  32. used label command instead of description in cme… should have used description command.
  33. modified default icd script by accident– dont do this…save as a new file and modify.
  34. applied wrong file in the application..
  35. put mgcp fax rate 7200 — but this is for t38 only.
  36. didnt use telephony-service setup command to setup CME. Should use this to reduce time.
  37. check against trivial passwords for security – this should be unchcekd so that you can set password to 54321.
  38. call restriction table – ???? or 4 digits as maximum transfer digits.
  39. Subscribers -> Account policy.
  40. attendant console – created a 3rd member, for voicemail transfer. No need for this. when somebody doesnt answer the call it will roll over to voicemail and hit the pilot’s mailbox.
  41. did uncheck fax relay ECM override on 6608. TO disable ECM this should be checked
  42. didnt set fax relay speed settings to 7200 in vg248. this should be set to 7200bps. (global setting).
  43. if far end gateway is 6608 set nsf to preserve in vg248
  1. What are the steps to disable fax relay on the ports of a VG248

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