Lab 3

Posted: July 6, 2006 by cciestudy in Cats, Lab sessions
  1. While copying and pasting the DHCP configs, forgot to change the default gateway for second scope
  2. Did not set ntp master in router
  3. forgot to set ntp in subscriber, had to go back and do it again
  4. forgot to set framing and linecoding in controller
  5. did not shut the voice port before removing ds0-group
  6. forgot call pickup group and night service
  7. ip phones with night service, not clear??? Is it for ephones or ephone-dns
  8. when integrating unity with CME or CCM, always verify servers before saving the configs, because when you save unity services will restart
  9. forgot to reset voicemail hunt list after adding,
  10. forgot to change the framing at PSTN switch
  11. at CME, the call was matching the wrong dial-peer.
  12. forgot to set portfast for CCM and unity ports
  13. forgot to add DNS entry in unity
  14. forgot to add ds0 country code
  15. forgot to add 91 to the after hours block pattern in CME
  16. forgot to enter secondary dialtone
  17. configured night service to 8:00 instead of 7:59
  18. use bulk import wizard to add subscribers
  19. infrasturcture – 18 minutes 3 sites, setting vlans, assigning to ports, trunking etc, dhcp pools.
  20. messed up ip addressing in branch 2.
  21. dont set mwi on-off first before setting number command in ephone-dn
  22. created so many errors in bulk subscriber import
  23. alias,lastname,firstname,dtmf
  24. created live record first…but no way to send message to a PDL.
  25. So created a call handler with extn 1000 and then set the greeting to blank, after message, toold it to take  a mesage and message receipient was set to all subscribers PDL. After message, send caller to hangup.
  26. mwi is not working for callmanager subscribers. restarted unity to fix this.
  27. route-group route list name incompatibility. deleted route groups and added it back fixed it.
  28. use no ip domain-lookup on all routers.
  29. for e1 r2, the first dial peer was alwasy gtetting matched (which had a destination pattern configured). And ANi was set to the destination pattern number in the first dial -peer. To avoid this situation, alwasy configure first dial peer with incoming-called number . so that this problem can be avoided.
  30. used full international digits to dial branch 2.instead use 4 digit dialing. and prefix the 011331322 to the dialed digits (3xxx).
  31. after hours block pattern i used 1900, 1976. instead should use 91900,91976 (because 9 is dialed).
  32. night service – specify night-service bell on the source ephone-dn
  33. specify night-service bell on the destination ephones.

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