Callmanager – AD integration – Adding /Deleting users from CCM admin page

Posted: July 21, 2006 by sankar in Directory Integration

Step 1 Browse to C:\dcdsrvr\config, and open the file, UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini, in Notepad.

Caution You must open the file in Notepad. Opening the file in another text editor application may corrupt the file.

Step 2 In the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file, locate the key, UserDirAccess.

Step 3 Change the UserDirectAccess value to true.

Step 4 In Notepad, choose File > Save to save the file.

Step 5 Close the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file.

Step 6 Restart the IIS Admin Service and its dependent services by choosing Start > Programs > Administrative Tools> Services.

Step 7 Right-click IIS Admin Service and then choose Restart.

Step 8 A dialog box prompts you to restart dependent services. These services may differ depending on your configuration. Click Yes.

Step 9 Restart the dependent services.

  1. chikkis1 says:

    How do you integrate ADS for IPCC 4.0, what are DN and cn used?

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