Creating a loopback dial-peer for testing

Posted: July 28, 2006 by cciestudy in Gateways, IPIPGW

The IPIPGW supports configuration of an RTP loopback dial peer for use in verifying and troubleshooting H.323 networks. When a call encounters an RTP loopback dial peer, the gateway automatically signals call connect and loops all voice data back to the source. In contrast to normal calls through the VoIP-to-VoIP gateway, RTP loopback calls consist of only one call leg.

dial-peer voice 30 voip
destination-pattern 2222
session target loopback:rtp
incoming called-number 2222
codec g711ulaw

Telephony call-legs: 0
SIP call-legs: 0
H323 call-legs: 1
Call agent controlled call-legs: 0
SCCP call-legs: 0
Multicast call-legs: 0
Total call-legs: 1

13FB : 67 97945490ms.1 +20 pid:30 Answer 5004 active
dur 00:00:12 tx:631/100960 rx:631/100960
IP SRTP: off rtt:0ms pl:0/0ms lost:0/0/0 delay:0/0/0ms g711ulaw
media inactive detected:n media contrl rcvd:n/a timestamp:n/a

  1. Ramprasad says:

    Hi ,

    Shouldn’t the session target loopback be
    session target loopback:uncompressed or session target loopback:compressed ?


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