Issues with gatekeeper zone prefix and end point registration

Posted: July 30, 2006 by cciestudy in Gatekeeper

If you define a zone prefix for a local zone , then it will prevent gateways from registering using E.164 ID to that zone.

zone local zone10
zone prefix zone10 5000

With this configuration, none of the gateways can register to zone10 using E.164 ID’s.

  1. Ted Nugent says:

    I’ve not tried this so I’m more asking to learn here… So you’re stating that if you set a zone prefix with NO WILD cards then you’ll get no zone prefixes registered? Otherwise you’d need to just use no-reg on dialplan -pattern, analog VP DPs, ephones-dns and ephone-hunt. Is that what you’re stating here?
    I keep seeing candidates GK configs and they continue to use DNs for zone prefixes? This is curious to me since it only adds to the complexity of the GK config when you add in TEHO? Why would you not just send as many digits as possible and only have two zone prefixes, 1* and 011*. You need to manip digits on either end anyway and this keeps your GK config very simple and you always know what needs to be stripped or added at each end? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this because to me it’s counterintuitive to configure zones based on a DN rather then country or area codes? Just my $0.02.

  2. Ted Nugent says:

    Sorry correction to the above.. Thanks Jeff…”So you’re stating that if you set a zone prefix with NO WILD cards then you’ll get no E164 numbers registered?”

  3. cciestudy says:

    I didn’t try with the wild cards, so not sure how that works.

    I agree with you. It is always better to define zones based on a logical topology setup using wild cards. I was just testing something and came across this issue were the gateways that were previously registered could no longer register after I added a zone prefix.

    I will test with the wild cards and share the results.

  4. andry says:

    lVLiMw comment3 ,

  5. a.abeye says:

    how can I block certain unassigned E.164 number that is configured on CME from registering on the gatekeeper? If you please can help much appericated. Thank you

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