Meetme conference with announcing callers name facility

Posted: August 8, 2006 by sankar in Cisco General, Unity

a. setup meetme conference, conf bridge as necessary. Let meetme number be 1900

b. setup a route point for calls from external and internal callers as the dial-in bridge number. Let this be  1800. Cfwdall this CTI route point to voice mail.

c. Setup a Call handler meetme in Unity. Under transfer settings, tell it to ring subscriber at extn 1900. Use Supervise transfer and Check Ask Caller’s name option.

d. Create a call routing rule under forwarded calls in Unity, and set teh Forwarding station to be 1800 (CTIRP). Attempt a transfer to callhandler meetme that you just created in step c.

Unity will ask the caller his name and transfer him to the conference bridge. Conference bridge members who already have joined the conference will hear, “Call from <callername>”

  1. joshua says:

    That is a very interesting design. Did this come out of a lab for the CCIE or is this something you came up with on your own?


  2. frank says:

    I´m totaly new in configuring CME, is there a more detailed description of meetme conference availabel?

    Thanks and regards

  3. charif says:

    Hi All,

    I”m novice to CMM4.1 . Plz assist to configure Meet Me conference in CCM4.1 using Ip phone 7936/7940.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Justin says:

    How do you configure this for a UC500?

  5. Sify says:

    Its real labs questions —> ccievoicelabs workbooks

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