Gatekeeper – Viazone behaviour

Posted: September 11, 2006 by cciestudy in Cisco General, Gatekeeper

How to trigger via zone behaviour?

Local zones – always enable outvia on the destination zone

Remote zones – use invia or outvia on the remote zone

Via-zone gatekeepers differ from legacy gatekeepers in how LRQ and ARQ messages are used for call routing. Using via-zone gatekeepers will maintain normal clusters and functionality. Legacy gatekeepers examine incoming LRQs based on the called number, and more specifically the dialedDigits field in the destinationInfo portion of the LRQ. Via-zone gatekeepers look at the origination point of the LRQ before looking at the called number. If an LRQ comes from a gatekeeper listed in the via-zone gatekeeper’s remote zone configurations, the gatekeeper checks to see that the zone remote configuration contains an invia or outvia keyword. If the configuration contains these keywords, the gatekeeper uses the new via-zone behavior; if not, it uses legacy behavior.

For ARQ messages, the gatekeeper determines if an outvia keyword is configured on the destination zone. If the outvia keyword is configured, and the zone named with the outvia keyword is local to the gatekeeper, the call is directed to a Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway in that zone by returning an ACF pointing to the Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway. If the zone named with the outvia keyword is remote, the gatekeeper sends a location request to the outvia gatekeeper rather than the remote zone gatekeeper. The invia keyword is not used in processing the ARQ.

  1. Panti says:

    cool 🙂


  2. hadi says:

    i have a question about viazone:
    I’ve built some small Lab and topology is,
    if i used cisco VG, the call is succeded. But, if i used another VG (micronet) the call is fail.
    I saw from ethereal that the call is being rejected by GK1, so the call is not even cross VIAZONE.
    Would you please give me some advice regarding this problem.


  3. Sharmic says:

    Is it possible to configure Via gatekeeper in all cisco GK IOS? i am unable to configure in in mt 2600 gk..

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