How to manually replicate Unity Objects?

Posted: October 9, 2006 by cciestudy in Unity

Unity Admin > Configuration > Settings

Replicate Cisco Unity Directory Objects

  1. cciestudy says:

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  2. Ajay says:


    What i undrestand from the Question is “manually replicate SQL Object for a unity Server in Failover mode”. If that is what is asked then the be cautious and backup the unity servers through DIRT.

    Secondly the complication of the process depends on floowing:
    1. Is the Database on Publisher the Source of truth?
    2. is the Publisher an Active server?

    What ever the Answer is, I suggest to log a Case with Cisco TAC.

    if the Answers is YES:
    The Topic is probably lised in TAC Archives.

    If the Answers is NO:
    This process includes but not limited to breaking the Failover, Restoring the Database on Primary and recreating the Failover. During this process some erros will show up and for which some registery Values will need be chaged. Just Contact Cisco TAC.

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