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Set the Service Parameter, H225 Device Connect Timer to either 0 or 1.

Default is 0 and media cut through is enabled. To disable set it to 2.


Change the service parameter “Accept Unknown TCP Connection” to True

Default is False

Based on the ISDN number plan and type of the incoming call, the following values will be used to prepend the Caller ID.

National number prefix

International number prefix

Subscriber number prefix

Unknown number prefix

Overlap receiving flag for PRI

Posted: July 20, 2006 by cciestudy in CCM Service Parameters

To enable Overlap receiving for PRI interfaces that you the PRI Backhaul mechanism

If an Attendant DN is configured on FXO port and this parameter is set to True, then Callmanager will limit outbound calls from that DN to only use the FXO port that is configured with that Attendant DN. You would need to create a route pattern and include this FXO port in the route list. Even though there are other gateways that could be listed above in the route list, it would still use this gateway only.

Also, none of the other phones will be able to use this gateway even though this gateway appears in the route list.

This parameter determines if you can resume a call from hold on a MGCP FXS shared line.

Default value is true

Caller ID

Posted: July 20, 2006 by cciestudy in CCM Service Parameters

This is a global setting for Caller ID for all gateways. You can also set the Caller ID individually at the gateway level