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Regions – other Codecs

Posted: February 17, 2006 by sankar in Region, System

Region — > if gsm codec is used in regions, phones will default to g729.

if u use g723 as codec, phones (7960, 7940) wont work, you will get a reorder tone.


Posted: February 17, 2006 by sankar in Region, System

System – > Region

Supported Codecs – > g711, g723, g729, GSM, Wideband.

Calculated with 30 ms sampling rate for voice packets.

g711 – 80 kbps
g723 – 24 kbps – Used with 30VIP and 12 SP+
g729 – 24 kbps
wideband – 272 kbps ( Press i twice on phone, Rx type and Tx type show up as Link16K)
gsm – 29 kbps

—————-Video codecs—————–

a. g722 – 80kbps  codec

b. g728 – 16kbps LBR codec

The video call bandwidth if set to None, will not allow allocation of bandwidth for video between this region and other region.

The video bandwidth if specified (say 384 kbps) is the maximum bandwidth allowed for  1 video call (mix of audio and video bandwidth) between this region and specified region. The audio stream in the video uses g722 (80 kbps) or g728 (16kbps). The video stream may use the rest of the bandwidth.

——————–Region versus Location settings—————————-

Region setting defines per call bandwidth setting between two regions.

Location setting define total bandwidth available between two locations.

 Location bandwidth >= Region bandwidth between two sites.