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NTP config

Posted: February 26, 2006 by sankar in Crabs, Infrastructure, Lab 1.5

Router 1— config)# ntp master 3 (Configures this router as NTP master with stratum 3)

Router 2— config)# ntp server #serverip# (specify IP of Router 1)

Set the clock timezone properly in each router to reflect proper time.

To remove older NTP configs, use command “no ntp” and hit enter key

To configure NTP on Cisco Callmanager

Method 1 (Using Cisco’s NTP service)

** Start NTP service on Callmanager (Control panel -> Services)

** Edit ntp.conf file in C:\WINNT\System32\drivers\etc and specify “server #ipaddress#” command

** Restart NTP service on Callmanager.

Method 2 (Manually sync time)

** Stop NTP service

** In command line , type command “ntpdate #ipaddress#” to sync manually

** Restart NTP service

Method 3 (Using Windows time service)

** Enable Windows Time service (Control panel -> Services)

** net time /setntp:#IPaddress#

** Restart Windows time service (W32Time)

Lab method

1. Enter NTP server IP in ntp.conf

2. Stop Network Time Protocol service

3. Open CMD mode and change to  C:\Program Files\Cisco\Xntp

4. enter the command ntpdate -b

5. Restart  Network Time Protocol service

6. Stop and disable Windows Time service