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Step 1 Browse to C:\dcdsrvr\config, and open the file, UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini, in Notepad.

Caution You must open the file in Notepad. Opening the file in another text editor application may corrupt the file.

Step 2 In the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file, locate the key, UserDirAccess.

Step 3 Change the UserDirectAccess value to true.

Step 4 In Notepad, choose File > Save to save the file.

Step 5 Close the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file.

Step 6 Restart the IIS Admin Service and its dependent services by choosing Start > Programs > Administrative Tools> Services.

Step 7 Right-click IIS Admin Service and then choose Restart.

Step 8 A dialog box prompts you to restart dependent services. These services may differ depending on your configuration. Click Yes.

Step 9 Restart the dependent services.

1. Identify the correct directory administrator password. Let it be
2. Open command prompt. Run PasswordUtils <password>. This will generate
encrypted password. Let it be <ENCpassword>

3. Set the value of DCDMGRPW and
MGRPW in registry, "under HKML\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory
Configuration", to <ENCpassword>.
4. Open C:\dcdsrvr\directoryconfiguration.ini. Set the value of passwd to

5. Open command prompt. go to C:\

6. Run the command
UMEncryptText <password>. This will generate out.txt in the same folder from
which it was run, i.e C:\

7. Open out.txt and copy the contents after
"Text=". This long hex value is the encrypted password. Let it be
8. Open C:\dcdsrvr\config\UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini using "notepad"
(Please do not use any other text editor).
9. Set the value of CiscoLdapPwd and UserLdappwd to <LongEncpassword>.
10. Save the file and exit.
11. Restart IISAdmin service and try accessing the CCMAdmin user pages.

Do it on the PUB first and then all the subscribers

User settings with AD integration 

If you look at an existing user in callmanager, passwords cannot be modified if there is AD integration. Password can be changed only on the AD server. Also there is an extra field for specifying Middle name when AD integration is enabled.

User settings with DCD

This is the reg. settings when no AD plugin is installed. Note the ldap url points to the callmanager itself.

Note that you need to set DIRACCESS=true to be able to add users in callmanager and then have Callmanager push the new user to AD. The above screenshot is after installing ADplugin. Change DIRACCESS=true and restart IISAdmin service.


 To install ADplugin, schema update needs to be allowed on the AD server. The key Schema Update Allowed = 1 (this may be set to 0 by default)

AD Integration – Schema update

Posted: April 1, 2006 by cciestudy in Directory Integration

To install the schema management plugin

open cmd prompt and type 

regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll