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Application Dial rules

Posted: March 26, 2006 by cciestudy in IPMA

Applies only when using the IPMA console application and using the speed dials or directory to place calls. For ex: an assistant can dial a number with out prefixing a 9, an app dial rule can be used to prefix a 9, strip a few digits (if wanted) etc.

This does not work from assistant phone.  The following are the only way you can dial

a. You have to drag and drop the number from the speed-dials or directory search window in the console application to the call window in the console.

b. Right click on the speed-dial or directory search window and click Dial option.

App dial rules can be prioritised in a list. Its just like an ACL. If a match is made, it will immediately apply the rules specified in that rule and then routing control goes over to Callmanager (Route patterns, translation patterns) from IPMA.



IPMA with Ext. Mobility

Posted: March 21, 2006 by sankar in IPMA

Select Mobile Manager option under User configuration page — Cisco IPMA

 Select the device profile that you want IPMA to control

Set the CSS of Device profile (line setting) to CSS-I-E

Set the partition of Device profile (line setting) to Manager.

Modify the settings under assistant.

IPMA terms

Posted: March 21, 2006 by sankar in IPMA

ImmDiv – Immediately divert calls to assistant. (as the call comes in to manager)

Intercept – Forcefully pull the call back that was diverted to assistant or transferred by IPMA (based on manager rules) to assistant. The call can be pulled back only when it is ringing, not after the assistant answered the call.

Assistant Watch on – Manager can see what call the assistant is on.

Div All – Divert all calls to Assistant (no matter what)

DND – Do not disturb mode – Silence the incoming call.

TransfVM – Transfer to Voicemail.

Inclusive filters — Those in the list are the only numbers from which calls will ring the manager's phone

Exclusive filters — Those in the list are the numbers from which calls will ring the assistant;s phone

IPMA – using Wizard

Posted: March 21, 2006 by sankar in IPMA

** Install BAT before running IPMA wizard.

** Install IPMA service (Callmanager Serviciability) and Cisco Tomcat service from Control Panel->Services.

** Run IPMA Wizard

** It creates 3 partitions and 2 CSS.


* Associate manager user with manager phone. Configure Cisco IPMA features for Manager user (Intercom line, IPMA monitored line etc). Associate assistants with Manager. Select Mobile manager and UDP (optional)

* Associate assistant user with the manager, select Intercom line, proxy line etc.

* Set Cisco IPMA service parameters (IPMA Route point, Primary CTI manager, Primary IPMA server etc)

* On Manager phones select Cisco IPMA Manager as soft key template.

* On Assistant phones select Cisco IPMA Assistant as soft key template

* Install Assistant Console software from this URL.


* Access IPMA Manager config URL http://##cmipaddress##/ma/desktop/maLogin.jsp (Login using manager username and pwd)